We are a community students, faculty, and staff committed to reducing our environmental impact through interdisciplinary initiatives on campus and beyond. 


The mission of the Kalamazoo College Sustainability Department is to establish action on campus following the triple bottom line theory: commitment to environmental, social, and economic cooperation. Through this process, we aim to reduce the College’s environmental impact, and inspire the community to perpetuate these practices for generations to come. 

  • Instigate structural change within the College through a Climate Action Plan, commitment to environmentally conscious design of new buildings, and the implementation of student led initiatives such as the Hoop House and Hoben Garden. 
  • Create events involving community members and professionals committed to sustainability in order to educate students about the opportunities for sustainable lifestyles and careers after K. 
  • Establish a campus centered around respect for humans and non-humans, while performing tangible efforts to reduce our environmental impact for the sake of future generations.