How to get involved!

On-Campus Opportunities

Social-Based Work
Research-Based Work
Waste Reduction-Based Work
Land-Based Work
Garden-Based Work
Curricular Experiential Ed
  • Gardening PE class
  • Composting PE class
  • Arboretum Stewardship PE class
  • Slow Farming Senior Capstone
  • English Reading the World: Gardens

Sustainability Interns

Sustainability interns with Susan Lindemann
2018-2019 Sustainability & Energy Interns
Malak Ghazal ’19, Camden Gardner ’21, Susan Lindemann

Sustainability interns working in Facilitates Management collaborate with other student leaders in related roles across the College to advance the campus sustainability efforts.

Two positions are available: one focuses on carbon analysis related to reporting for The Climate Action Plan, and the other focuses on awareness and impacting behavior.

The Sustainability Interns are academic year-long positions, and interns for the following year are hired during Spring Term. Applications can be found on Handshake.