Measuring Progress

The Kalamazoo College Climate Commitment Planning Committee (CCPC) will directly oversee the College’s progress in its sustainability efforts as it attempts to meet its goals in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction, resource conservation, and the involvement of the academic program and civic engagement in carrying out this Climate Action Plan.

The CCPC will be appointed to open-ended terms by the College’s President and will oversee the publication of an annual report, which will be presented to the College and the Board of Trustees at each October Board of Trustees meeting. The report will include the following information:

  • The College’s GHG emissions inventory as compiled by the Cool Air-Clean Planet campus emissions calculator.
  • Graphic analyses of the College’s emissions data and trends.
  • Predictive analysis of success in meeting the 2020 GHG reduction goals as well as the long-range goal of climate neutrality by 2050.
  • An overview of various circumstances that affect the outcomes of the Climate Action Plan goals and strategies.
  • Benchmarking of the College’s progress in comparison to its peer institutions.
  • Recommendations for adjusting the plan to help achieve the interim goals as well as the long-range goal of climate neutrality by 2050.
  • Examination of technological advances and global political factors that may provide more detail to our long-range plan past 2020.
  • A review of academic activities pertaining to sustainability education and scholarship.
  • A review of the College’s engagement with the outside community.