Industrial Composting

As part of our responsible food waste program, we partner with My Green Michigan, an industrial composting vendor located in Lansing, Michigan. My Green Michigan provides the light green bins located behind Hicks Center, picks up our food waste weekly and composts at their industrial composting site in Lansing.

How it works

  • After eating a meal at the Dining Hall, all leftover food (including meat and dairy), napkins and plates are sent back to the kitchen through the dish conveyer trays.
  • Once in the kitchen, the leftover food is sorted to a My Green Michigan green bucket.
  • When a green bucket is full it is moved to the loading dock area behind Hicks Center.
  • Once a week, My Green Michigan empties the green bins while they are picking at multiple locations in Kalamazoo.

What can we compost with My Green Michigan?

What can be composted

  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Compostable napkins and paper towels
  • Compostable tableware that meets the standards required by My Green Michigan

What cannot be composted

  • Compostable tableware that does not meet the standards required by My Green Michigan
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Cardboard, paper

Where can I get Compostable Tableware that meets the standards required by My Green Michigan?

  • You can purchase compostable tableware that are BPI certified.
  • Items that are not BPI certified cannot be composted with My Green Michigan.

Once I have compostable tableware, how do I compost with it?

  • Collect the tableware and any food scraps and drop them in the light green My Green Michigan bins behind Hicks.